Ice cream that won’t break your belt

If you have been into the freezer section or have read any recent food-related blogs, you are more than aware of the recent ice cream trend of low-cal ice creams. Nearly every major ice cream brand has come out with their own version of ‘skinny’ ice cream, even the beloved Ben and Jerry’s now has their own version. Honestly, some of them aren’t that great. But, I have some good news for you! I finally found a version that is both creamy, rich, and flavorful.

Introducing Arctic Zero Light Ice Cream. Originally they only had a dairy-free version, but more recently they have come out with a new line of frozen treats that are now my new favorite late-night study snack. I could eat an entire pint in less than 30 min. and I’m not even ashamed of it. I tested out all of the flavors in their new line so you didn’t have to (but if I were you I still would cause it will be the best life decision you ever made). I rated them on a scale of 1-10 spoons, 1 being absolute garbage, and 10 being I would eat 10 pints if I could.

Chocolate Chunk

Screenshot 2018-09-27 at 8.12.52 PM

So this flavor was the first one I tried, because I mean, if you can’t make a good chocolate chunk ice cream, should you even be making ice cream at all?

With that being said, this is one of the best chocolate chunk ice cream I have ever had. Why you might ask? The vanilla ice cream was smooth and the chocolate chunks were not that fake waxy chocolate you might expect. It was dark and rich, complementing that vanilla ice cream perfectly.



Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cookies

Screenshot 2018-09-27 at 8.14.34 PM

I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER! I could eat peanut butter on everything. And with Oreo cookies? Don’t mind if I do. This was the perfect little snack and brought back memories of the good ole days staying up with my mom watching Anne of Green Gables and snacking. I had a good amount of peanut butter and the cookies provided the little chocolaty hints it needed to complete the ensemble.



Cookies and Creme

Screenshot 2018-09-27 at 8.35.44 PM

This, my friend, is a classic. Little chunks of Oreo cookies mixed in, perfect *sigh*. Much like the Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cookies light ice cream, this one had the perfect cookie to vanilla ice cream ratio. This classic flavor is the perfect midnight snack.



Mint Chocolate Chip

Screenshot 2018-09-27 at 8.48.04 PM

This one caught me off guard a little bittle upon first opening up the pint. I was expecting to see the classic artificial mint green ice cream color, but to my surprise, it was more of a pale green. Almost completely white actually.

The coloring made me a little nervous about how it would taste, honestly, I thought it was going to be some watery milky tasting ice cream wannabe like many other low-calorie ice creams. BUT DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT’S COVER. This ice cream was the To further validate the quality of this ice cream I went to the mint chocolate ice cream connoisseur, my little sister. She concluded my opinion that this mint chi pice cream was spot on and satisfied the taste buds of a mint chip ice cream fanatic.



Cookies and Brownie Dough

Screenshot 2018-09-27 at 8.34.57 PM

This flavor, on the other hand, can be a little deceiving. Yes, I too thought this would be the perfect flavor of ice cream. I love brownies and I love cookie dough ice cream, so why not put them together to get the perfect ice cream flavor, right? Theoretically yes, but with this, not so much. There were two key things wrong with this ice cream, 1. There was barely any brownie in my pint, 2. The little brownie I got and the cookie dough tasted like chemicals and had little real chocolate flavor.

Addressing problem number 1, I would have liked to have a lot more brownie bites, seeing as I only have four brownie bites in the entire pint. I will say, however, there was a sufficient amount of cookie dough. On that note, the brownie bites that I did get didn’t even taste like chocolate. Sorry Arctic Zero, but you are going to have to try harder to impress me. The tasted like pitter balls of chemicals. Not sweet, not chocolatey, and definitely did not make me feel like I was taking a bite of a brownie. Honestly, the only spoon earning aspect of this ice cream was the fact that it had a solid amount of cookies dough, the rest was meh.



Toffee Crunch

Screenshot 2018-09-27 at 8.13.34 PM

Talk about delicious. Upon breaking the seal of the ice cream you can already see all the toffee bits and swirls of caramel. Unlike the bitter brownie bites, this ice cream was smooth, sweet, and hit all the right notes without making you feel like you needed to hit the gym.

A consulted my mom for this ice cream, seeing as this flavor is always her go to. With a look of surprise satisfaction on her face, she agreed that this ice cream didn’t taste any different than a normal ice cream flavor.  There is honestly not much more to say about this ice cream, the toffee bits were spot on, the creaminess was unbelievable, and the overall quality of the ice cream was unreal. I would go out and recommend this flavor to every stranger I pass on the street, that is how good it is.



Vanilla Bean

Screenshot 2018-09-27 at 8.39.07 PM

Ahhhhhhhh, a classic. It is hard to mess up such a basic, yet complex flavor. Arctic Zeron hit it spot on, kinda? So it is a solid vanilla flavor, but you could still tell it was a light ice cream and not 100% the real thing. Initially, it is good, then the aftertaste hits you and it isn’t quite like the normal vanilla bean ice cream we all know and love. If I were you I would opt for two small scoops of your favorite vanilla bean ice cream over this kind, or go for one of Arctic Zeros more fun flavors like Toffee or Cookies and Creme!



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