5 not-so-basic Pumpkin Recipes

I bet you have never heard of this before, unless you are like me and spend half of their day watching food videos on Facebook. . .And on that note, get a life and stop procrastinating all your adulting decisions (I mean it out of the kindness of my heart).


5 Things I learned during High School

To think that I am finally done with my High School career just seems unreal. Just the mere thought of never having to set foot in this Baldwin High School is unsettling. I have spent the past 4 years of my life waking up every day can going to band the first hour, and now… Continue reading 5 Things I learned during High School

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Sydney Opera House here I come!

One month and 8 days to go and I will be on a plane to Australia. Everything is officially finalized, and I couldn't be more excited to be going on this adventure of a lifetime. It is actually crazy to think that I am only 17 years old and I will be performing at the… Continue reading Sydney Opera House here I come!

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Prom when you’re single AF

I went to Prom single, and it was the best thing ever.


Cracked Sugar Cookies

These are my favorite cookies to make for every single family gathering. They are rich, soft, and best served with a little dusting of sugar on top.


Light, fluffy, delicate

I make meringues for nearly every family event, and they are always a huge crowd pleaser, the plate is wiped clean before dinner even starts!


Simply Strawberry Cobbler

With a warm, jelly-like filling on the bottom, and a light biscuit top, this desert is perfect for spring.